Cusco - Qosqo

Cusco seen from Sacsahuaman

"The Navel of the World"
Ancient capital of Tahuantinsuyo, "Navel of the world", due to the Four regions Empire over which the Inca's authority extended. An immense land which extended toward under of Santiago of actual Chile being the shadow of numerous cultures and prestigious populations.

Cusco or Q'osqo, city drawn on its apogee with an enormous puma shape, La Meca and Versalles were at the same time, with its ritual temples to the "Inti" the Sun, to the "Quilla" the moon and other elements whose nature impose to humans the magnificence, with its sumptuous palaces (splendid constructions which imposed the respect and the admiration) where lived the descendants of Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo.

The Spanish saw Cusco as one of the most beautiful cities of South America. Knowing the downtown is near at 3400m. of altitude, it is recommended to acclimatize to the altitude the first day.

Visits and excursions


Visit on foot to the city, its narrow streets with Inca style walls surpassed by colonial constructions, visit of Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral, San Blas and the artist and artisans room, and/or the Q'oricancha ("The Gold Walls") where it was the Sun Temple. Required time (Rt) + min. ½ day.

4 places around Cusco: Tambo Machay (Baños del Inca), Puca Pucara (the small red fortress), K'enko (the small labyrinth) and Sacsayhuaman (the Puma's head of which the city has the shape!). That excursion can be done on foot, by horse, or by car. Rt = ½ day by car, 1 day on foot and/or by horse.
: Discovering of Sacred Valley of the Incas and Chincheros, Pisac and the splendid Ollantaytambo markets. Rt = full day.
Excursion toward Machu Picchu, the City of entrance to the jungle, fixed on the summit of the "old peak" (literal translation of Machu Picchu) and dominated by the Huayna Picchu "young peak". The stretch from Cusco toward the small city of Aguascalientes (all near of the place) you can do it by helicopter. Rt  = 3 hours 30 > going. It is equally possible to lodge near the place and return the next day. In general, you can count as minimum a day (helicopter), or a complete day or two days (autovagon/train) for that excursion.

PICKILLACTA : Visit to Pickillacta (optional) "city of pouces" or important city" according to the versions, city of great dimension of Huari culture, and eventually visit of Andahuaylillas and its "Peruvian sixtine chapel" and/or Huaro church with Tadeus Escalante paintings. Rt =  min. ½ day.

RAFT / CUS : Rafting (optional) in the river Vincamayu beginning from Huambutyio or Pachar. Rt = full day.


Excursion to Salinas de Maras, joined to a flank of mountains just before the arriving of Incas and... always in exploitation, as if time would have suspended its course. Rt = ½ day.

CAM. INCA : Inca route, trekking of 3 days to discover the fourth day the dawn, the vestiges of Machu Picchu city.

AUSANGATE : Trekking > Ausangate, the best way to ask the question : Why the Incas considered their mountains as Apus? (Read apous, that means gods). Apus Ausengate was one of their gods. Rt = according to the trekking elected, from 5 days or more.


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