Mountains in the North



The Peruvian Himalayas : mountains, glaciers, lakes,.........Climbing, short steep inclines, trekking, promenades and others mountain sports can be practiced (ski, monoski, mountainbike (snow), parapente, deltawing, etc.). Huaraz city is approximately at 7 or 8 hours from Lima by route car.

Visit of the city, Wilkawain, etc.

Chavin de Huantar : in route,  it needs 5 hours by car approximately (going! = Item the return) after Huaraz city for the excursion to the archaeological place. Tn = 1 or 2 days.

Llanganuco lake, full day excursion, going by old and new  Yungay, Huascarán national park, Caraz etc. Tn = full day.

Pastoruri, excursion to admire the glacier, and visit of its surroundings.

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