The North (incredible!)

"The Coya flight"

day 1 arrival to Lima and transfer to your hotel. 
day 2 visit of Cajamarquilla or Pachacamac. 
day 3 flight Lima > Pucallpa (amazon jungle). 
day 4 visit of indigenous communities Shipibos of  San Francisco and/or Santa Clara. 
day 5 flight to Lima. 
day 6 route Lima > Huaraz. 
day 7 excursion to Llanganuco with extraordinary views. 
day 8 excursion to Chavin de Huantar or Wilkawain and Huaraz environs. 
day 9   Trujillo. 
day 10 visit of Chan Chan and Arco Iris (Rainbow) Temple. 
day 11 Chiclayo (and for 6 persons minimum group, visit to the Huaca del Brujo); at midday, visit of Tucume, the 26 pyramids place. 
day 12 visit of Bruning museum and Sipan. 
day 13 flight Chiclayo  >  Lima. 
day 14 visit of Nation museum or other. 
day 15 flight to Europe. 
day 16 arrival. 

"The palanquin of the Ñusta"

Additional to "the Coya flight" (12 days).
day 13  bus toward Piura and visit of Catacaos and/or Chulucana towns. 
day 14 departure to Mancora. 
day 15 Mancora. 
day 16 excursion to Puerto Pizarro, jungle mangrove swamp discovering (mangrove tree)  with thousands  birds (frigate birds, wadings, etc.), the prawn and shellfish hunters. 
day 17 flight to Lima 
day 18 route to Chincha, Pisco or Ica. 
day 19 excursion to Ballestas isles or San Gallan and returning to Lima. 
day 20  flight to Europe. 
day 21 arrival. 

North / South (incredible)

"The 4 Worlds Empire; Tahuantinsuyo"

Additional to the Palanquin of the Coya (19 days).
day 20 flight to Arequipa and visit to the city. 
day 21 flight to Cusco. 
day 22 excursion to the Sacred Valley. 
day 23 excursion to Machu Picchu going by autovagon and returning by helicopter. 
day 24 flight Cusco >  Lima. 
day 25 Free day in Lima 
day 26 flight to Europe. 
day 27 arrival. 

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