South and a little of North

"The Condor Wings "

day 1 arrival (at day or at night according to the airline) and receiving in Jorge Chavez international airport of Lima, capital of Peru, tentacular city with around 7 millions of inhabitants and transfer to your hotel. 
day 2 visit of Colonial Lima, the famous labors of Pizarro conqueror epoch, with the Plaza de Armas (Main Square) or Plaza Mayor (Major Square), the San Martin square,....and visit of Nation Museum or the Archaeology and Anthropology museum, which offer an extraordinary view of different cultures which succeeded in Peruvian land. 
day 3 route Panamericana Sur to Pisco (or Chincha or Ica according to the program). 
day 4 excursion to "Islas Ballestas" to listen the animal symphonies in general which are in those isles, pelicans, boobies.... and view of the famous "Candelabro de los Andes" then departure to Nazca, the small town which became famous thanks to the German mathematician, Maria Reiche, due the great and mysterious signs of Pampas de Ingenio. 
day 5 Overfly over Pampa de Ingenio and the mysterious Nazca signs. (Return to Lima or departure to Arequipa according to the program). 
day 6 arrival to Arequipa the "White City" which extends at the bottom of Misti volcano and visit of the extraordinary Santa Catalina monastery. 
day 7 Departure to Chivay town (Colca Canyon). 
day 8 Colca Canyon (one of the deepest of the world, twice deeper than the Great Canyon) and the Cruz del Condor (Condor Cross) then returning to Arequipa. 
day 9 flight to Juliaca, then transfer to Puno visiting on foot a very particular site XX Sillustani funerary towers.
day 10 excursion to Titicaca lake, the highest and biggest navigable lake of the world, toward Taquile isle, the isle where men weave and give  lodging. 
day 11 lodging in Puno. 
day 12 flight to Cusco the "Navel of the World", ancient capital of Inca's Empire, and actually one of the most beautiful cities of South America. Transfer to the hotel, then you will know the city on foot, its Main Square, its narrow streets. 
day 13 4 ruins, promenade which will help us to discover basically the impressive site of Sacsayhuaman. 
day 14 excursion to the Sacred Valley (minimum 6 persons and it is included Salinas de Maras). 
day 15 departure by train to Aguascalientes and then... ascent to Machu Picchu legendary city. 
day 16 day in Cusco and/or excursion (optional) to Pickillacta citadel, of Huari culture,  which had already built its cities over planes and maquettes, edified several floors houses and conceived an urbanism where all the streets cut in straight angles and/or excursion (optional) to Piñipampa and Andahuaylillas. 
day 17 free day in Cusco or eventual  options (rafting, etc.). 
day 18 flight to Puerto Maldonado and the amazon jungle, lodging in lodges (huts over piles). 
day 19 Puerto Maldonado, introduction in amazon fauna and flora. 
day 20 Puerto Maldonado 
day 21 flight to Lima then visit to Pachacamac at the south of Lima and, if there is time, visit to Gold museum. 
day 22 flight to Chiclayo, visit of Bruning museum + Tucume (except for a very important aerial delay) 
day 23 Sipan, then we will continue by bus toward Trujillo. 
day 24 Visit of Chan Chan, the greatest adobe city of Antique World and visit of the Huaca del Dragón. 
day 25 free day and returning to Lima. 
day 26 free day in Lima to do the last shoppings and/ or visits. 
day 27 flight to Europe and a charming travel end. 
day 28 arrival to Belgium and beginning of a big nostalgia. 

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