Discover the thousands mysteries of the green ocean, the Emerald sea, abundant vegetation, treasonous but above all generous, the biggest natural drugstore of the world (as there are more of the 90% of natural substances of every medicines actually distributed in the international trade), one of the last great oxygen supplying under the sun,  fragile region but of  vital importance for the survival of the world which constitute the 60% of Peruvian land. One of the best faunas and floras. But with a great danger to disappear.

Even actually, you have  the occasion to live a great wild adventure and feel the pioneer soul, like a Tarzan, Indiana Jones, or.......Yourself in the heart of natural story of the world.

Places to find in this page:

Puerto Maldonado


If you do not want to have trades or to look for the establishments and bars, Iquitos city will not present a great interest and you will board immediately or almost immediately in a pirogue toward one of the jungle lodges of the region.

Visit of the city,
the central market and the floating city or above Belen piles, the "Loretana Venecia".

Excursion of a fire ants way,
very high trees zone (Aguano, moena, tornillo....), medicinal plants....

Excursion in boat toward Yanayacu river and explanation about ecosystem of the zone.

Swiwa lake and native communities of Boras Indians.

Visit of Orchidearium by the way "chullachaqui" and boat trip or other above Amazon river.


The opportunity to meet the Shipibos Indian of San Francisco or Santa Clara communities, the Chamanes, visit the impressive college of Amazon paintings USKO AYAR of Pablo Amaringo (which paintings are sold in Europe at 5000 $ each one!), navigate above Yarinacocha water lake or the meanders of streams and neighbor rivers, and know the fauna and flora of amazon jungle, etc.

Visit of the city and Usko Ayar college
Visit of Chullachaqui botanical garden.
Visit of indigenous communities Shipibos of San Francisco and/or Santa Clara.
Visit (optional) to a Shaman or other option.

Puerto Maldonado

At only 35 minutes of flight from Cusco city is Puerto Maldonado, capital of Madre de Dios department, queen of bicycles, mottoes and tricycles of every kinds which there work as taxis! Evidently, the main interest it is not the city, but in the environs, the respectful encounter with the great jungle, the plants, some animals and gold prospectors.

First, encounter with the fauna and flora. Lodging in the lodge.
Excursion to Sandoval lake.

Descend of Gamitana river.

Meeting with gold searchers.

Visit of Fitzcarraldo boat.

Monkey isle.

Trekking and camping.

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